The Goldsworth Trust is governed by the Board of Trustees/Directors of the Goldsworth Trust. The Board delegates some of the day to day governance of each school to it’s own Local Governing Advisory Board. The Scheme of Delegation of Governance document describes this delegation in detail.

Mr Victor ShippChair of Directors
Mrs Joan Deans Vice Chair of the Directors
Mrs Pauline Alexander Executive Head and Accounting Officer
Mrs Gillian Kozlowski
Miss Sarah May
Mr Anthony Hall
Mr David Lander
Mrs Ellen Rinttila

Members of the Trust

Members of the Trust are the people who can appoint Directors and are ‘Persons of Significant Control’ in the eyes of the law.

  • Mr Victor Shipp
  • Mrs Joan Deans
  • Mr Anthony Hall

The Trust will have three public meetings in the year 2018/19. These will be held on the dates listed below:

  • Thursday 13th December 2018 7pm at St John’s Primary
  • Wednesday 6th March 2019 7pm at Goldsworth Primary
  • Wednesday 10th July 2019 7pm at St John’s Primary