Goldsworth Trust Vision

Our academy trust consists of outstanding schools: all are centres of excellence in working with their own particular intake of pupils to ensure that they are happy, respectful, well rounded children achieving their highest potential and finding their unique talents.

Please contact us if you would like to join our academy and be part of the great future it has in store.

Goldsworth Primary School

The GOLD of Goldsworth:

We have taken the Gold of Goldsworth to express what it means to be part of the Goldsworth community:

  • Growing together
  • Opportunities for all
  • Learning for life
  • Daring to dream

We believe these four things embody our vision for the school as we aim to be a thriving, optimistic, inclusive, resilient learning community, where all who are part of it are valued for all that they are and all that they contribute to the community. The ethos of the school continually promotes the global values of respect, truth, love and hope and those who work and learn here aim to live out those values to the best of their ability.

St John's Primary School

Educating the whole child

We are committed to achieving enjoyment and excellence in our academic, creative and sporting curriculum. Our lasting legacy is that children leave St John’s with a love of learning and a pride in their personal development that will be taken into their next phase of education, becoming the foundation for a happy and successful future.

The staff and governors at St John’s are passionate about child safety both in school and via the internet and respect for each other is built into everything we strive to do.

What is the Goldsworth Trust?

The Goldsworth Trust is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) consisting of two schools situated in Woking, Surrey; Goldsworth Primary School and St John’s Primary School.

The MAT is led by a CEO, and the schools work closely together to share good practice whilst keeping their own individual uniqueness. There are Trust Members, a Board of Trustees and a Trust Accountant who work with both schools and Headteachers, and there is a Local Governing Advisory Board for each individual school.

Currently the schools share a CEO, IT Manager, Facilities Manager, Gymnastics Specialist and Home School Link Worker but are looking forward to a future where more roles can be shared.